Secure your whole internet connection

We secure all of the data that goes through your connection. Browsing, e-mail, file transfers, and all other applications get automatically protected without any need for modification to any other software. Moon VPN creates a virtual network interface and forces all traffic through it, protecting it by the military grade AES-256 encryption.

No logs

Moon VPN does not keep connection and data traffic logs. (We are not even required by law in our jurisdiction to do so.) Because of this, even if we are instructed/forced to reveal any user information by anyone, we will not be able to reveal any such information.

Weekly warrant canary

MoonVPN periodically publishes a PGP-signed document (warrant canary) indicating that we have not been forced to reveal user information by a gag order/warrant. We take upon us to accurately update the information in the canary, so users can check the latest publication to see if OpenVPN has been compromised.


Sep 9th Canary Watch website shuts down

They have stated that the project has been a major success, but they will no longer accept submissions of new canaries or monitor the existing canaries for changes or take downs. It seems that this has not been caused by any government intervention, but was a choice of the project creators. They had started with eleven canaries; within four months ... Read More »

Dec 15th Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our users. What awaits us in 2016? Will the Internet become even less secure and anonymous, or will the people's rights to digital freedom be recognized in this new information age? More surveilance and breaches or new eletronic standards and freedoms? In either case, stay on the safe side with MoonVPN's secure VPN solution!